Dyson Electric Car will be Built in Singapore

After making vacuum cleaners, bladeless fan, purifier, hair care products, Dyson is targeting the electric car market. This is NOT something new. However, the news that it will be building an electric car manufacturing plant by 2020 in Singapore is something that many did not expect.

Singapore used to manufacture Ford cars in the 1960s and stopped in the 1980s. To have a big company like Dyson to invest in Singapore, it is definitely good news. Based on the information, it seems that Singapore is a good hub to distribute the cars from 2021, especially to nearby countries like China, Japan and etc.

An excerpt from Straits Times

Dyson said on Tuesday that it chose Singapore because of its proximity and access to high-growth markets; ready access to a supply chain of advanced materials and components; and access to highly skilled, dependable labour and advanced manufacturing capability.

I guess most of these cars will not make it to Singapore road unless our infrastructure is upgraded to be electric car-friendly.

Nevertheless, this is really good news for Singapore. PM Lee Hsien Loong has also updated on his Facebook page about it.

As of now, Dyson has 1,100 employees manufacturing motors in Singapore. The building of the new electric car manufacturing plant will start from December 2018. I am looking forward to seeing the “Made in Singapore” label on future Dyson Electric Cars.