TabCo is Fusion Garage Introducing Grid 10, Grid 4 and Grid OS?

When I first saw Engadget’s post on TabCo, it seems like it is a mysterious company that is coming up with a super secretive product. Thanks to Gizmodo, I am beginning to see through what (or rather who) is behind TabCo.

According to Gizmodo, the company behind TabCo (short for Tablet Company?) is Fusion Garage, the infamous company that introduces the JooJoo Tablet (That never really make it).

Based on Fusion Garage website, they have 3 very interesting products. They are the Grid OS, Grid 10 and Grid 4. Grid OS is a brand new OS that is built on Android Kernel (that means Android apps should work). Grid 10 is a 10.1-inch tablet that uses Grid OS. Grid 4 is the mobile phone that also uses Grid OS and it should communicate seamlessly with Grid 10.

Based on the specs, it looks like a decent tablet with front facing camera and without a rear camera.

And here is the specs for Grid 4. It also has a decent specs and uses MicroSIM card. It has a Magnetometer sensor to measure magnetic field? Something new for me.

Hopefully, this product lives up to everyone’s expectation since many of their advertising tactics is against the big Apple. There should be more news coming soon.

Click Here to Fusion Garage Website


Click Here to Read from Gizmodo


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