Tokyobike is Available in Singapore Now

For those who wants your bicycle to be different from others and thinks that simplicity is the key, the may want to look at Tokyobike. It is now available in Singapore.

According to their website, this is the first and only boutique in Asia outside Japan

Tokyobike’s first and only flagship boutique in Asia outside of Japan arrives in Singapore mid-2011.

If you are looking for speed, this is NOT the bike you are looking for. The Tokyobike is more for urban traveling and hence, it is max of 9 gearshift for some and for this model, ss, below, it is only a single gear. I like this model but I guess the white is difficult to maintain.

There are currently only 5 models on their website. They are cs, cs26, bisou, ss, sport. The price are indicated clearly in the website, starting from S$950. The actual store is at Haji lane.

Click Here to Tokyobike SG

or to check out their accessories, they have the Facebook page.

Click Here to Tokyobike SG Facebook Page


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