Will You Buy a Reborn Doll that Looks like a Real Baby? (Video)

Seriously, after looking at the videos, I am glad that Singaporeans have not started the trend of “adopting” reborn doll. They are so real and it is not the usual doll you will buy for your kids.

They are so real. Some of them have real children hair attached to it. After doing some checks, it seems that it has been around for a while. And looks like many owners are adults.

These dolls ain’t cheap. It could cost you $15,000 for some of them (as mentioned in Today Tonight, Australia). When I read the news from Gizmodo that a policeman actually break a car window to save a Reborn thinking that it is a real child, I was thinking why the hell he can differentiate the real and a doll.

After researching Reborn, I realized that it might be difficult. I wonder if Singaporeans will be obsessed with getting one as it doesn’t cry, don’t eat, doesn’t demand and it always look so cute.

Currently, there are many websites selling Reborn dolls and they really don’t come cheap.

Here is a two-part documentary on Reborn. Tell me what you think after watching them.

Part 1

Part 2


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