Kuchofuku Air Con Jacket a Hit in Japan (Video)

You might have heard of Kuchofuku air-con jacket. This Japanese company has been making cooling clothing for years. I guess the hit right now is due to the fact that Japan is conserving energy after the terrible Tsunami and Earthquake.

Today, when I saw an article in Straits Times, I went about to research on this jacket. I realized that this jacket or similar design from the company has been there since a few years ago.

That leads me to the conclusion that the interest sparks again due to the recent incident. Anyway, this jacket actually traps the air from the outside into the jacket via a small fan.

Heat is the dissipated from the neck or sleeves area. It relies on the theory that air will remove perspiration from the skin and causes a cooling effect. Just like when you perspire, you will feel cooling when strong wind blows across your skin.

The jacket contains battery that allows the fan to work for a few hours. It also has a USB cable to link to your computer for power.

Before you jumped into buying one, Straits Times has warned that it may not work well in humid Singapore due to the temperature and humidity.

Here is a video on how it works (it is a video dated 2008)

If you have bought one, please share with us if it really works.