SAF Introduces Manpack Camera System at National Day Parade 2011

This year, SAF introduces some innovations to the support of National Day Parade. One of them that caught my attention is the Manpack Camera System (MCS). It is a 5kg portable system that adds as an eye during the parade.

Based on the information, inside this 5kg backpack is a portable mini-computer that is hooked on an independent wireless communication network.

This backpack is to add another perspective to the ground situation where surveillance camera cannot reach. The central command (or the nerve centre) is located at the highest level of the Float@Marina

Here is another shot of the backpack.

Seems like the system can only transmit images. I will be good if it can do live streaming. Does anyone has more information about the backpack? I read from Straits Times that it has only less than 10 hours of battery power.

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