Lady Gaga ‘Born This Way’ Showcase by SingTel AMPed (Video)

Attended the Media Conference for Lady Gaga in the afternoon. And in the evening, we were treated to her Showcase, thanks to SingTel. We were not allow to bring our “big” cameras to the Showcase. So, what you will see are just from my Panasonic LX-5.

The “little monsters” waiting patiently (since 9am) for Mother Monster.

A card that they made.

I did a short video of the first few fans.

Next, someone did a planking right in front of Lady Gaga Showcase backdrop.

As the time gets nearer, more fans appeared. Here are the 10 VIPs that were invited (one of them won the SingTel AMPed contest and got to bring 9 more people with VIP treatment).

A short video to show you how high the fans of Lady Gaga are.

Finally, we were inside. Some camwhoring although we were squeezed like sardines.

One more shot of the crowd.

and nice to meet @xiaxue (Wendy) again. It case you wonder who is she (third from left), you can Google her name.

Finally, the Showcase started. The fans went crazy and kept stomping the ground. You can feel the ground shaking. These are a few shots that are not shaky.

I decided to take more videos and use the screen grabs as pictures. Look at how Lady Gaga transformed her clothes.

And if you have a lot of time to spare, do take a look at my compilation on Lady Gaga Showcase highlights. Not all songs are recorded though. And please pardon for the shake and most importantly the hands, heads, hair, tablets, handphones that pop out during the video.

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