Xperia active Wet Finger Tracking Demo (Video)

When Sony Ericsson launches Xperia active, one of the features on this smartphone is it is dust proof and water resistant. Another very important feature is it has Wet Finger Tracking technology on the capacitive screen.

But first, lets take a look at the phone (BTW, if you want to know the full specs, click here). For a smartphone in recent launch, it has a small screen (3-inch). And if you notice, it sports a similar User Interface as Xperia Mini. However, I do see some different on the 4 corners Icon Menu.


Camera close up




Interesting thing to note that the Xperia active has 2 covers on its back.

One cover looks normal while the other one is the one that blocks the dust and water.

The inner cover.

And how does the Wet Finger Tracking works? Here is a video to show you.

Overall, I think the Xperia active has all the necessary things for an active lifestyle. With the 1 GHz processor, 5-MegaPixels screen and running on Android 2.3, it has all the features of a full Smartphone. There is no mention of pricing but the availability date should be in Q3 2011.

We tried to take picture with this phone submerge in water but was rejected as it is not part of the phone function. Nevertheless, we know that the speaker works under the water.

However, do note that Wet Finger Tracking will NOT work if the phone is submerge into the water.