BlackBerry PlayBook Launch Event (Video)

Was invited to BlackBerry PlayBook Launch event at Red Dot Design Museum. It was a grand event with many local celebrities, RIM guests and bloggers.

I will talk less and post more pictures. Here is the reception area.

And here is some entertainment before the event starts (actually, I realize that he is also one of the performers for a performance later).

I love the settings of the stage and the area. Super cozy.

As the time goes by, more and more guests arrived. Here is a short video of the stage area and the crowd. Watch the screen as the projection is awesome. The movement is so 3D.

Our hosts for the night is “Flying Dutch Man” and Vernetta Lopez (our local radio DJs). Notice that she is holding the PlayBook to read her lines 🙂 .

And the opening speech.

The speech was short and to the point. Many of us were eager to try the PlayBook. But before that, live beatbox performance.

If you notice, the music is very soft in the video. I guess the music must have overload the camera internal recording settings. I was standing next to the speakers. Super loud music.

Here is some local celebrities (taken during a short interval in the performances).

Notice that they were super distracted as there are many cameras. Back to the stage, Vernetta is trying to show us how handy the PlayBook is (by putting it inside her shirt).

We were told to proceed to various stations to try out the BlackBerry PlayBook. At the end of our hands-pn, we should get 4 chops. Only then can we participate in the lucky draw. The prize is of course the PlayBook.

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The cards is in her hand.

Some of us were trying to play cool with so man guests and celebrities around (joking.. DK was trying out the sunglasses and I took this shot in split second).

Some pictures of the hands on. The PlayBook UI is very fluid and I am really impressed by the Multi-tasking it can perform.

Here is a shot of some programs running concurrently. Notice the X. Press it to close the app.

Here is a video to show you how good the multi-task is.

Next, we moved on to check out the BlackBerry Bridge. If you have a BlackBerry handset, you can communicate with the tablet using this feature (via Bluetooth).

Performing the bridging process.

You can also use the QR code to perform the bridge.

While we were busy visiting the booths, the hosts were asking questions and giving out handphones. Look at the happy faces.

There were many PlayBooks for us to try out.Everyone has a chance to play with it and ask questions.

Finally, it’s time for lucky draw.

And here is Justin Lee, with the PlayBook. Congrats!

The event ended, but the food and drinks continue.

That is it. Hope you enjoy reading it. And thanks for the invite.