China Teen Sell Kidney to Buy iPad 2, Worth it?

Will you sell part of your body to buy a gadget? Apparently, this teenager in China thought it is worth it and he sold his kidney for a miserable sum so that he can buy an iPad 2.

The money that he got is just 22,000 yuan or just over S$4,000. He actually secretly traveled from his home in Anhui province to the city of Chenzhou without his family’s knowledge where his kidney was removed in a hospital.

I wonder where he got to know about this kind of “offer” as he is able to contact a kidney agent. Anyway, his mother went back to the same hospital and naturally, all deny any link to that.

BTW, using the money, he bought the iPad 2, iPhone and a laptop. I seriously cannot understand these kids nowadays. Hopefully, he is the odd one out.

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