Asus Tablet is PadFone, Now with Clear Picture?

Update: New pictures to show how it works.

Seriously, this looks legitimate. It has the similar curve and size and it might just be the Asus tablet (that might be called PadFone) that everyone is talking about.

Now, we will just need to wait for Asus to officially announce. I just wonder how they would be paired together to form the “PadFone” relationship.

The picture shows something like a rocker switch for volume. I wonder this if this is the magnet that will link the two together (given the flat surface on it). I remembered seeing some technology like this (in CommunicAsia) with two screens “docking” together with magnet.

Update: PocketNow has pictures of how Asus PadFone looks like and how it store the phone in the tablet.

The phone actually docks inside the tablet by means of a compartment. From the looks of it, it seems to use “everything” from the phone. That means the phone might power the bigger screen and the tablet has a better speaker system than the phone. It shares the camera (by means of a little hole in the picture below). Not sure if the tablet has an internal battery or not (I should think it will have).

I think if this is true, we can never get Android Honeycomb for this tablet. What do you think?



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