Wearable Computer from Black Diamond Advanced Technology

We have seen handheld computers in the field. We have heard rugged laptops that can withstand shocks and drop. Maybe this BDAT computer can save your life.

You are supposed to wear it like your protection vest. There is an LCD screen in front of you and the controller somewhere behind with your blackplate. So, when you are hit, there is one more obstacle for the bullets or fragments.

Meet this BDAT Wearable and rugged computer.

  • Integrated with multiple tactical plate carriers
  • Designed for optimal cable management
  • Multi-mission flexibility: targeting, intelligence, combat medic, EOD, unmanned vehicle control, and situational awareness
  • Optimized for C4ISR on-the-move
  • Interoperable with fielded equipment and software
  • Combat-proven in Operation Enduring Freedom

It has a  128GB SSD and Atom processor but I just wonder how the hell can they can connected in the field.

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