The Samsung Series 9 Notebook is Now Available in Singapore

I first saw Samsung Series 9 laptop during Samsung Forum in March 2011. Now, this slim looking and light-weight laptop is available in Singapore at $2,488. More information after the break.

Samsung Notebook Series 9

Eco-friendly, sleek design and performance for a new dimension in mobile computing

Samsung Notebook Series 9 is a premium notebook for anyone who pursues superior design, performance and durability.  It is ultra light, weighing only 1.31kg and measuring 0.64inches in thickness.

Equipped with the second generation Intel® Core™ i5-2537M Processor, screen size of 13 inches and sporting a backlit keyboard, the Series 9 combines state-of-the-art technology with mobile computing experience to drive the market forward in terms of design, display and overall capabilities.

Crafted from Duralumin, an ultra lightweight material that is twice as strong as aluminum and normally used in advanced aircraft design, the Series 9 underwent an exhaustive testing process to ensure it is durable enough for use at home and on the go. The sophisticated sleek line alongside the Series 9 is a key design concept that gives it an aerodynamic style, just like a premium sports car.

Additionally, the notebook’s SuperBright Plus display with 400nit brightness is two times brighter than conventional displays, as well as its vibrant Color reproduction (16 million colors) and Super Contrast ratio (1,300:1). This display technology received recognition as a ‘visual ergonomics technology’, as it met the world renowned TCO Certified criteria on environment and usability (picture quality, ergonomics, safety, low emission, energy efficiency, ecology). TCO Certified is a world-renowned accreditation given to IT equipment designed for high usability with minimal impact on the environment.

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This makes it one of the most superior ergonomic, aesthetic design and eco-friendly notebooks in the market.

The Series 9 is now available at $2,488.

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