Meet iRobot Ava, the Mobile Robotic Platform Robot – Video Within

iRobot Ava was shown in Google I/O. From far, it looks like a robot that has some sensors to avoid bumping into people. However, if you look closer, you will notice that it has some advance sensing technology that developers can fully make use of. This means that besides moving around, iRobot Ava can be programmed to perform more complex task.

From its head to the bottom, the iRobot Ava has many sensors. It is too much to explain. I copied an excerpt from Engadget’s post.

Ava is an autonomous robot that’s equipped with and array of sensors (two Kinnect-like 2D / 3D cameras, a scanning laser, ultrasonic transducers, and contact bumpers), driven by omnidirectional wheels, and controlled by its own Intel Core-based computer. The base hosts batteries, motors, as well as electronics and supports a telescopic mast that carries a pod containing touch ribbons, speakers, and a microphone. On top of this pod you’ll find a “head” that can tilt / pivot and basically acts as the dock for any Android tablet.

Lets watch the video to understand how it works.


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