China Latest Unmanned Helicopter V750 – Video Within

Meet China latest unmanned helicopter V750. Saw this on the news but did not really know how big it was, until I saw these pics and video.

According to a report I read, it has a remote control range of 150 km and it is by far, the largest from China.

It has a payload of 80kg and it is not light at almost 800kg.

The V750 is re-adapted from the B2B double-seated manned helicopter. It has a 757-kilogram take-off weight, a task load of more than 80 kilograms, a maximum range of 500 kilometers and is capable of cruising for four hours. It can be controlled manually or by stored programs, and it can shift between the two modes during flight. The control radius of the V750 is more than 150 kilometers, and it can reach a maximum altitude of 3,000 meters.

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