Guy Nearly Abducted by Alien – Video Within

Believe it or not. I have been following this guy for a while and this, I must say, this is the most distressing or surreal moment you witness on video. Apparently, in the video, he was pulled away by something/someone and amid the chaos, he ran out of the bushes. Is this encounter of the third kind?

I started to notice his alien encounter video a few weeks ago. It seems that this is NOT the first time he mentioned about the sighting (actually in Australia).

However, in this 8th encounter, he was pulled away and subsequent videos showed bruises and cuts. I started to believe this is a marketing or viral video as there are so many questionable points like why he did not report the case or why his house is always him or his friend only.

Nevertheless, this is the video where he was almost “abducted”.

And this is the video where he can see the “alien”.

So, what do you think?

Click Here for his Youtube channel


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