Your Vote is Secret but How to Vote – Video Within

Today is just a day away from Singapore General Election and it is declared as “cooling day”. So, instead of talking politics, lets see what you should do tomorrow. This is my first time to see so many wards or GRC being contested. So, that means many Singaporeans will have a chance to vote. Remember, every vote counts.

Now, since today is the “Cooling Day”, lets cool our head and see how we can vote wisely.

Quite simple, actually. I copied from the official website.

  • Step 1 – Register To Vote
  • Step 2 – Get A Poll Card, Keep The Poll Card
  • Step 3 – Find Out About The Candidates
  • Step 4 – Go To Your Polling Station With Your Identity Documents & Poll Card
  • Step 5 – Identify Yourself To An Election Official & Receive An Official Ballot Paper
  • Step 6 – Inside The Booth, Mark Your Choice On The Ballot Paper
  • Step 7 – Fold Your Ballot Paper & Put It Into Ballot Box

Click Here to see the details of the steps

I guess we are already at Step 4. So, remember the Poll Card and your Identity documents.

Here is a video of Pierre Png showing us how to vote.

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And here is another video to assure us that your vote is SECRET. Do you believe?