Anyone Wants a Tactile Kiss Transmission Device? – Video Within

Now, Japan has developed a system that could possibly make kissing transmittable. It is actually a device that will allow another device to mimic the movement (in this case, tongue) over the Internet.

So, both parties must have this device to transmit the kiss. I guess the biggest selling point, based on the subtitle in the video, is that if a very famous celebrity is willing to record her kiss on this device, the users can download the information and experience that kiss.

But it feels strange that you have a straw rotating in the mouth. Why would they call it a kiss? Anyway, this is the a start. Watch the video below.


  • I only have 1 question….. Has he ever kissed someone before?

    This is totally different from kissing lah. It’s just a straw moving.

  • Anonymous

    haha. Maybe not. Look how he enjoy the kiss (with the straw)..