TNS Mobile Life 2011 Shows Activity Lowest During Dinner Time

TNS Mobile Life is in the sixth year. This year, the focus on social media shows an interesting trend. Mobile activities is high in the morning and in the late evening. Want to know why.. Read on..

TNS Mobile Life 2011 Shows that Content is King for Mobile

Social networking and internet access are key drivers of mobile content consumption

SINGAPORE, 26 April 2011 – Singapore, with the world’s third largest penetration of smart phones, is at the forefront of the changing world of mobile.  Presented in Singapore today, TNS Mobile Life shows that Singaporeans are demanding more from their devices than ever before with a clear focus on what is on the phone rather than the phone itself.  This marks an opportunity and a challenge for companies looking to get a piece of the local market.

Singapore seen as an indicator of global mobile trends

The TNS Mobile Life study reveals thatSingapore, which has the world’s third highest penetration of smartphones (72%), more than twice that of developed Asia.  Singaporeans do more on their mobile devices in every aspect of mobile activity, surpassing the global average twice in terms of mobile internet access. The range of activities that Singaporeans want to do with their phones are also more advanced in comparison to their global counterparts. This is driven by a high demand for social content, location-based services as well as functionalities that enable ‘anytime anywhere’ access to services.

“You only have to travel on the MRT to see how much those of us in Singapore rely on our mobile devices at every point of our day, and in fact Singapore is the top Asian country in terms of mobile device ownership. Singapore is one of the most advanced countries in terms of mobile adoption which makes it the ideal testing ground for new solutions and content.  What we’re seeing here is a glimpse into the future of other countries round the world,” commented James Fergusson, Managing Director, Global Technology Sector, TNS.

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Accessibility to social content an increasing key consideration in device purchases

More than 1 in 4 global consumers stated that content and apps are a key consideration at the point of purchase, and 61% of Singaporeans agree with this.  This may to explain the continued growth and popularity of the Android and iOS operating systems due, partly, to Apple’s and Google’s ability to keep pace with consumers’ content demands, particularly with regard to social networking and rich media functionality. However, handset brand is still considered an important factor in product decision making across developed (44%) and emerging (77%) markets.

James Fergusson continued, “The real interest comes when you see how and what Singaporean users rely on in their mobile devices.  Across the board Singaporeans are more active users of core services from SMS (98% in Singapore vs. 74% in developed Asia) to mobile internet (62% in Singapore vs. 31% globally).”

Singaporeans also vary when it comes to drivers for future product choice, demonstrating a clear interest in a wide range of services.  Social networking applications are increasingly important with Facebook being the number one accessed website on mobiles devices in Singapore. Video calling is set to grow with 52% of those surveyed stating an interest in the technology.

Demand for tablets on the rise but not necessarily at the expense of other devices

Tablets are adding to the number of smart devices available. Across all markets, tablets are generating substantial momentum, with intended ownership rates at 15% globally. Singapore once again showed extraordinary results, with 42% of Singaporeans indicating interest in buying one within the next six months. 76% of those potential tablet owners intending to buy it as an additional mobile device rather than as a replacement.

“If you look at when Singaporeans are using their devices it also throws up some interesting information,” added Fergusson.  “You see a massive spike in mobile usage during the daily commute and in the late evening, while all mobile activity dips dramatically as Singaporeans eat dinner. However, the statistics suggest that those of us in Singapore are sharing lunch with distant friends and relations, hence the level of social networking increases around lunchtime each day.”

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Now into its sixth year, TNS Mobile Life is the result of more than 25,000 hours of interviews with over 34,000 respondents in 43 countries. TNS Mobile Life has set a precedent in its scope, depth and breadth of information on mobile consumers’ behaviour and decision influencers.  It provides a complete understanding of consumer experiences with mobility today as well as insights on how this will change tomorrow, which is increasingly vital to companies competing for a piece of the highly lucrative mobile consumer market and for those who want to reach out to their consumers in a more meaningful and compelling way.

About TNS Mobile Life

Mobile Life is an annual investigation from TNS designed to provide a deep understanding of today’s global mobile device consumers and the future impact mobile will have on our digital landscape.

34,000* interviews with mobile users across over 43 countries (including the BRIC countries, Indonesia and several key African markets) provides real insight into how consumers across the world are using and interacting with mobile technology and delivers a holistic understanding of the end-to-end consumer experience and how this will change in the future.

Invaluable insights to support:

Offer development

Identify current and future usage patterns for features, services and Apps

Brand strategy

Build strategies across the mobile ecosystem, understand brand strengths, weakness and collaboration opportunities


Track the consumer purchase process and drivers of purchase

Cross-platform planning

Prioritise your marketing strategies across mobile, PC and tablet based on current usage patterns and future preference

Countries covered

Argentina*, Australia, Benin*, Brazil*, Cameroon*, Canada, Chile*, China*, Costa Rica*, France, Germany, Ghana*, Guatemala*, Hong Kong, India*, Indonesia*, Italy, Japan, Kenya*, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico*, Morocco*, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria*, Pakistan*, Philippines*, Russia, South Africa*, Saudi Arabia*, Senegal*, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, Tanzania*, Thailand*, UAE*, Uganda*, UK, USA, Vietnam*

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*Emerging market

About TNS

TNS is the global leader in custom market research delivering actionable insights and research-based business advice to clients around the globe so they can make more effective business decisions. TNS offers comprehensive industry knowledge within the Consumer, Technology, Finance, Automotive and Political & Social sectors, supported by a unique product offering that stretches across the entire range of marketing and business issues, specializing in product development & innovation, brand & communication, stakeholder management, retail & shopper, and qualitative research. Delivering best-in-class service across more than 80 countries, TNS is dedicated to discovering growth opportunities for its clients in an ever-changing world. Through its pioneering and innovative culture, TNS understands the latest marketing challenges and research techniques, being the first to discover and solve new marketing issues for clients.

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