Ways to Get Updated on Singapore General Election 2011

As you may already know, Singapore General Election is just round the corner (7th May 2011). This time, for the first time, the social media was allowed to be used in the coming Election.

With Social Media as a way of communication, information travels faster and voters will be able to enjoy different views and interact with the candidates.

However, I do notice that there are so many channels that the different parties had set up for this election. So, for the ease of everyone (especially myself), I summarized their social profiles on this blog post.

Here are some figures about this Singapore General Election.

For the upcoming General Election, there will be 12 SMCs and 15 GRCs making a total of 27 constituencies and 87 MPs. There are altogether 2,350,873 electors on the registers of electors of these 27 constituencies (based on the number certified as on the prescribed cut-off date on 1 January 2011 and updated to include the number of non-voters whose names have been restored to the registers from 1 January 2011 up to the time when the Writ of election was issued on 19 April 2011.

For a start, this is the official SG Election page.

Click Here to Singapore General Election 2011 Website

And if you are interested in the Candidate Handbook, click the below link.

Click Here for the Candidate Handbook

Now, lets look at the parties. I did not include Independent Candidate.

The Parties

  • People’s Action Party (PAP)
  • National Solidarity Party (NSP)
  • Workers’ Party (WP)
  • Singapore Democratic Party (SDP)
  • Singapore People’s Party (SPP)
  • Reform Party (RP)
  • Singapore Democratic Alliance (SDA)
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Social Media


Youngest candidate from different party with Facebook Fanpage

There are many others. You can see them from the official party fanpage.

Youtube Channel



Straits Times

Channel News Asia

Today Online


I may have missed out many others. Will update as and when I find new ones. In the meanwhile, if you think I have missed out important site, please drop me a comment 🙂 .