How to Upgrade NoDo Update on Windows Phone 7

Yesterday, I finally got the notification that there is an update available for my Windows Phone 7. It was a freaking two weeks wait since the day they announced.

For those who are not sure what is inside this NoDo update, please click HERE. If you have done the initial Windows Phone 7 update in February, this update procedure is exactly the same.

My notification for update came in on 6th March 2011 afternoon. When you go to Settings, and scroll to “phone update”, you will be able to see the information that an update is available.

For Windows Phone 7, there is no OTA (Over the Air) update. You will need to connect to the computer with Zune software for this upgrade.

For a start, if you have not done the February update, you will need to do so. After which, you will receive another notification to update to the March (or NoDo) update.

Once connected to Zune software, you can see this notification in the “update” page under the phone settings in Zune software.

Once you click “update”, the rest are quite standard as describe HERE. Here is a screen shot just before the upgrade starts.

Once you are in the process of upgrading, ensure that you do not unplug the cable. Follow the instructions and that is it. Once completed, you can go to the Phone setting in the Zune software to see the latest version.

If you notice, once you upgrade, there will be a backup file that you can restore. I think it can only store one backup. My February backup is now replaced with April backup. The latest version is 7.0.7390.0

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On the phone itself, you can also check the software version in the phone Settings and About page.

Clicking on the “More Info” will reveal your MAC Address. This MAC address is non-existent in the old version (you will have to do the hard way to get the MAC address previously).

Here is a close up of the information.

And yes, you get your Copy and Paste function. It is quite easy to use. Tab on any word, the copy and paste indicators will show. Drag the indicator to the start and end of the text that you wanted to copy. Press the Copy icon and you have copied the text.

To paste the text, just click on the Copy icon and it will paste the copied information. BTW, I tried to copy some text on a PDF file but it does not work. What a let down.


Basically, upgrading a Windows Phone 7 is easy. The upgraded software really enhances some of the functions (as stated in their release notes). For example, Marketplace is really smooth now. The overall feel of the software is really smooth (or some may say snappy). It is already smooth before the upgrade. After the upgrade, it becomes smoother or response faster.

The only complain I have is that Windows Phone 7 is seriously slow in rolling out new updates. Multi-tasking is still missing and I really, really hope that it can be ready by September or earlier.

The only reason I am using the WP7 device is the Outlook which, in my opinion, a better than Android’s or iOS’s implementation.

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Finally, for those who had not gotten their update, do take a look here for the scheduling. Do note that even if it states “delivering update”, it may take up to 2 weeks for you to get notified. Good luck, have fun.