Make Your Messenger Live More Sociable with Messenger Plus!

Just got the Press Release for Messenger Plus!, an extension of Messenger Live. It is NOT part of Microsoft product but an extension to it. Its latest release adds on more social aspect of Messenger Live. It is free.

Wow…Your Contact List Just
Exceeded 60 Million Plus!

Messenger Plus! unites 60 million active users into a social community and instantly becomes one of the largest social networks around

Montreal, Canada – March 31st, 2011 – Messenger Plus!, the most popular add-on for Windows Live Messenger with over 500 million downloads to date, has just released its latest version. With this launch, the Windows Live Messenger extension takes the social nature of instant messaging to new heights by enabling its users to discover other people from within its membership of more than 60 million and bring them together through community networks and social websites so they may share their interests and opinions. If you want to discuss last night’s game with other fans or compete against other video gamers, why restrict yourself to just your contact list? By creating interest networks such as the gamer network Plus! Games and the sports network Plus! Sports, users can now compete against one another and chat with all the millions of other Messenger Plus! community members that share their interests. With a community of over 60 Million active users, this latest move makes Messenger Plus! one of the largest social communities around today!

Compatibility with Windows Live Messenger 2011

Messenger Plus! 5 provides full compatibility with both Windows Live Messenger 2011 and 2009 versions. The Windows Live Messenger2011 compatibility, one of the key advantages of version 5, represents a win-win for both Windows Live Messenger and Messenger Plus! users.

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Other new features include:

  • All-New Interface: Revised layout with hundreds of adjustments for an improved look and feel.
  • My Plus! Account: Users can access their Chat Logs online.
  • Advanced Logging: Messenger Plus! lets you search straight from the Log Viewer, indexing all your conversations automatically. You can also view, store and access all chat and events logs locally or store and access the chat logs on Messenger Plus! servers).
  • Resizable Quick Panels: Resize your Quick Panels and memorize their on-screen positions for a better viewing of your emoticons, sounds and text history panels.
  • Quick Command on Contact List: This popular feature which brings up a commands menu with a single keystroke is now available directly on the Contact Screen.
  • New Website: New look and feel to reflect the branding of the 5th generation of Messenger Plus!

Alex Shamash, the Head of Business Development at Messenger Plus!, says the new version delivers on the Messenger Plus! goal of providing the most rewarding chatting experience for millions of users around the world.

“With each new version of Messenger Plus! we bring more creativity and innovation to the product. We’re proud to say this version does that not only by adding more great features, but also offering our users so much more value through our new community websites. We are also thrilled to be able to welcome to Messenger Plus! users of Windows Live Messenger 2011.”

Alex Shamash and the team led by Jean-François “Jieff” Grégoire have been hard at work making version 5 their most advanced release yet, adding not only the new social websites and full compatibility to Windows Live Messenger 2011, but also an impressive suite of extra features to enhance the already hugely popular product.

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Smells like Community Spirit

Messenger Plus! has entered a new sphere, becoming a social network in and of itself by bringing its community together through shared interest sites, forums, related tools and satellite products. With these sites, users can tap into the vast Messenger Plus! community whenever they want and engage with people who share similar passions.

  • Plus! Network – the start page for the Messenger Plus! constellation of websites, offering the Messenger Plus! community hours of entertainment and fun, including a powerful search engine;
  • Plus! Image – scans all major search engines to find images which can be used for business or personal needs, and easily shared across various social media platforms;
  • Plus! Games – tests gaming skills against other gaming enthusiasts, earns tokens and take over the leader-board;
  • Plus! Sports – follows the latest developments from the soccer world such as latest news, injured players and league scores.

By scanning all major search engines, Plus! Image is a fast and effective way to find images online

Plus! Games allows users to play games with millions of other Messenger Plus! users

Gimme Some Skin

Messenger Plus! has also socialized existing chat functions by encouraging its members to develop skins and apps which may be submitted and accessed by the entire Plus! community. Users can share and download hundreds of free skins and apps or learn how to develop their own apps from a special apps section.

Messenger Plus! will hosting a contest in search of Messenger 2011-compatible skins. Apart from having your skin downloaded by potentially millions of Plus! users, contestants can win great prizes, such as a gift card valued at up to $1,250. Everyone who submits a Messenger 2011 skin which gets accepted onto the site will receive a small mystery gift as a thank you for competing – and all the Messenger Plus! users will receive a batch of fresh downloadable skins. More information will be released about the contest in the coming weeks.

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Messenger Plus! has skins to cater to any taste. See the full skins suite here

Messenger Plus! Version 5 is now available for download in more than 18 languages here:

About Messenger Plus!

The most popular and respected Windows Live™ Messenger extension, Messenger Plus! has been downloaded by tens of millions of users worldwide, letting users get more from their Instant Messenger experience including plugins, skins, scripts, sounds, emoticons, and more. Messenger Plus! users benefit from tons of exciting features of this freeware that has been enhancing Windows Live™ Messenger since 2001.

The Messenger Plus! brand is owned by Yuna Software, a private company. Yuna Software also develops the Messenger Plus! satellite sites: Plus! Network, Plus! Image, Plus! Games and Plus! Sports and the Messenger Plus! toolbars.

Other exciting projects that Yuna Software is currently working on include Messenger for Kids, which offers children a safe and secure chat environment.