Panasonic Channel E Aims For Environmentatlly-Friendly Lifestyle

If you have read this, you might already know a little about Panasonic Asia Channel E. Here is the official Press Release for Panasonic Channel E supported by MTV VJ Holly Grabarek.


23 March 2011, Singapore – Panasonic Asia Pacific (“Panasonic”) recently announced the launch of a new eco campaign, ‘Channel E’ on its Facebook community page at

The new eco campaign articulates Panasonic’s vision that people should inculcate green habits and lead a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle. The campaign aims to raise awareness of environmental issues while incorporating ASEAN fans’ eco-friendly messages.

“The Channel E campaign allows fans to educate each other on current environmental issues through submission of pictures and videos onto the Channel E site,” said Evelyn Wee, Marketing Communications Manager. “This underscores Panasonic’s ‘eco ideas’ declaration in Asia Pacific to utilise social media platforms to generate eco awareness and inculcate eco habits.”

The social media driven campaign has already captured over 80,000 fans and this fanbase is steadily growing. The site is forecasted to reach out to over 10 million Facebook users in Asia[1]. The Channel E campaign follows the success of the ‘Make A Change’ and ‘3D Explorer’ campaigns which, in turn made Panasonic the fastest growing and largest social media community globally.

The three-month Channel E campaign which runs from March to June 2011 is supported by MTV VJ Holly Grabarek who provides advice on how to be an Environmental Journalist (EJ) and Photo Journalist (PJ) based on her experience as a MTV VJ.

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The campaign empowers fans to take active steps in raising awareness of environmental issues and drives the message further by providing educational values to the Panasonic Asia social media community which in turn, impacts Asians to make eco-friendly choices.

The Channel E campaign is being executed by local creative agency @ccomplice and digital public relations leader XPR.