Wang Jia Yun is One of Most Searched Woman in Singapore?

Got this Yahoo! trend results from Yahoo! as we celebrate International Women’s day yesterday (8th March).  A question was posted on Singapore Yahoo! Answers, “Which Singaporean woman do you admire the most and why?” You can see some of the answers after the break.

What is interesting is the Yahoo! search trend results which shows  Wang Jia Yun as one of the most searched woman. I guess it is her good look and the speculation of whether her pictures are photoshopped or not. Thanks to Yahoo!, I now know who is Wang Jia Yun, haha.


Singaporeans Pick The Most Admired Women In Their Life

SINGAPORE, 8 MARCH, 2011—With the International Women’s day today, Yahoo! Search Trends found some interesting observations that made the day special for Singaporeans. As a way to discover what it truly meant for Singaporeans Yahoo! Answers received a host of responses to its question: “Which Singaporean woman do you admire the most and why?”


Mothers ranked as the most important woman in the lives of Singaporeans, as well as for other Southeast Asian countries like Malaysia, Indonesia etc.  An overwhelming number of Singaporeans mentioned that their mother was the most amazing woman in their life.


Here some excerpts of the answers that were given:


“She is amazing in different ways.She never fails to be there for me, give me encouragement, good advice or just provide a listening ear to my problems. She is my emotional pillar of support.”


“My mother without doubt! Without her I may never have completed my basic education to get a job. She taught us to be responsible and law abiding.”


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“My grandmom. She takes care of total 8 children plus 2 grand-daughters and never gives up nor complains that she is tired. That’s how amazing she is.”


“Some community members also mentioned their wives as the women they admire the most.”


“Well…. it’s definitely my wife of 25 years. She is my strength in many ways and she stood by me in both good and bad times … past and now. We have been through a lot in life and she is always there for me.”


Ranking in next were teachers and bosses. One amazing Singaporean woman who was in the most popular list was Teresa Hsu Chih, who is considered as Singapore’s Mother Teresa.


Beyond this, Yahoo! Search Trends dived deeper to find out who were the most searched women in Singapore since the beginning of 2011.


The top 5 popular female celebrities’ according to Yahoo! Search Trends are the following:


1.    Joanne Peh has been the most searched female celebrity on Yahoo! Singapore. According to Yahoo! Search Trends, the popularity of the Singaporean actress arose due to her new role that she will be playing as Rose Chan, a striptease dancer from the 50s to 60s.


2.    Selina Jen, a popular Taiwanese singer-actress who suffered third degree burns due to an accident last year ranked second.  Singaporeans searched on Yahoo! for new updates on the incident and her recovery progress.


3.    Natalie Portman: Being awarded the Best Actress prize at the Golden Globes, SAG and the Academy Awards for her performance in the thriller-drama, Black Swan, Natalie Portman ranked third on Yahoo!. Yahoo! Search Trends observed that Singaporeans searched about her quick engagement to Benjamin Millipied, a ballerina whom she met on the set of Black Swan.

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4.    Taylor Swift: Fourth on Yahoo! Search Trends is Taylor Swift.  The interest in her could be due to the Singapore concert last month to kick off her Asia World Tour.


5.    Kate Middleton: Next on the list is Kate Middleton, whose engagement announcement to Prince William that was announced in November 2010 not only got the Singaporeans interested but also generated worldwide curiosity as well.



Another non-celebrity lady who got into the limelight was Wang Jia Yun, a Chinese model who became an Internet sensation because of her porcelain doll looks. Recently, “real life” pictures of her surfaced on the Internet. According to the searches on Yahoo! Search Trends, Singaporeans are still speculating whether she used Photoshop or went through cosmetic surgery to alter her appearance.