LG Optimus 2x and Optimus Black Launch Event – Video Within

Thanks to LG, I was invited to the launch event of their latest mobile phones, the Optimus 2x and the Optimus Black. Both are running on Android 2.2 (and upgradeable to Android 2.3).

It is interesting that LG took the approach of inviting us as “agents” and the media invite is also interesting. We were given a link that shows us the location of the event.

And when you select the whole paragraph, the image of a handset shows up.

If you notice, it is the Optimus Black.

Anyway, the event started with metal scan of our body, followed with a short “agent training” video (which show many scenes of James Bond).

The compere for this event is non other than Chua Enlai.

We were addressed as Agent. And most of them have the laboratory coat on. We were given a warm welcome by LG exec.

And followed by Augustine from LG Singapore. He gave us an insight on the LG Roadmap.

This is what you can expect from LG in the coming months.

Finally, the Optimus 2x and Optimus Black was unveiled in a “top-secret” suitcase (haha).

Next, we had a presentation (and some live demo) of the Optimus 2x and Optimus Black. BTW, the presentation was done using the Optimus 2x via HDMI cable.

We were given an overview of the Optimus 2x and one of the interesting thing about 2x is the ability to capture video in full HD. Of course, needless to say, the 1-GHz dual core and NVIDIA Tegra 2 are the main highlights.

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Click Here to Check Out the Specs

LG even invited NVIDIA people to the event.

We were given a short highlight on NVIDIA Tegra 2 on Optimus 2x. Here is a video on it.

Next, we were given a brief on LG Optimus Black.

One of the highlights about Optimus Black is that it is very slim.

And the selling point on this phone is the NOVA display that can have a maximum brightness of 700 nit.

The LG Optimus Black has WiFi Direct function that can transmit data at high speed.

After the presentation, we were assigned into groups to the demo stations for more demo and hands on.

LG Optimus 2x

One of the features for this phone is the HMDI mirroring function. What you see on the phone can be projected on the TV using the HDMI cable (provided together with the phone).

We did a bench mark test on the Optimus 2x. Of course, it emerges as a winner as compared to others who do not have the dual core processor.

We also did a HTML5 test. Nice results.

And of course, to test on Adobe Flash on the web browser. No issue at all.

And if you have already know, for products that has the NVIDIA Tegra chip, you can use the NVIDIA Tegra Zone to see what are the games that are optimized for Tegra.

We were also shown an unique feature of the Optimus 2x. You can actually tap the sides of the phone (up, down, left, right) to move the cursor. Here is a short video on it.

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Here are some pictures of LG Optimus 2x.

Optimus Black

The Optimus Black comes in 3 colors, Pink, White and Black.

In the above picture, they are actually the black handset with only the cover changed to reflect the different colors. According to LG, if you buy the pink handset, the camera area will also be pink.

Notice the super bright screen?

Some pictures on Optimus Black after we took out the battery and cover.

I guess the Optimus Black is more appealing to the ladies, based on the outlook and the numbers of female media people crowding around it.

Finally, hidden in one corner of the demo area is the LG Optimus Me an entry level phone that also has Android Froyo installed.

That is all. Hope you enjoy the report.