Sony Latest Bloggie HD Cameras Shoots 3D, Has Front Facing LCD

Sony today announced two new Bloggie HD camera. They are the Bloggie 3D and the Bloggie Duo. Both have similar specs. One shoots in 3D (with dual lens) while the other has a unique front facing LCD that can be used for self portrait. Information and Press Release after the break.

Both Bloggie HD Camera has F2.8 lens which I think is good for low light condition. Lets talk about Bloggie 3D.

Sony Bloggie 3D

As you can see from the above image, there are 2 lens. Unlike those Flip camera, you should shoot the video horizontally so that both the lens are side by side to each other. Here is a close up of the lenses. Notice that there is an LED on the side (or top if you place the Bloggie horizontally).

Personally, I don’t like the effect of the 3D rendered displayed on the LCD screen. You can see some flickering and the video becomes less bright.

I have not seen the actual footage on a 3D TV, so I will not comment on the actual output. The control is pretty simple. There is a button to start/stop recording and a directional pad for browsing the menu.

Close up.

BTW, you can switch 2D to 3D or vice versa using a single button. And when using the 2D mode, you will see the video from the left lens (or the one near the edge).

Here are pictures of the side views of the Sony Bloggie 3D

Next to the HDMI cover is the USB port. Slide the switch and the USB will pop out. Here is a picture (I am using Bloggie Duo) of the USB port.

Next, the other side of Sony Bloggie 3D.

Notice that there is a dedicated picture button for you to take picture.

Sony Bloggie Duo

The Sony Bloggie Duo is very similar to the 3D model. It has a single lens and as mentioned earlier, you shoot video horizontally.

The unique feature of the Bloggie Duo is the duo screen. It has another 2-inch screen next to the lens. This is useful for people who likes to do self portrait.

Close up of the lens.

I guess Bloggie Duo will be more appealing with younger people for its feature and also the colors available (violet, green, pink and white). Here is a picture of a Pink Bloggie Duo.

Feature Summary of Sony Bloggie HD Camera

Features of the Bloggie HD camera.

BloggieTM 3D HD Camera – MHS-FS3

Availability dates and pricing to be confirmed.

  • Captures 1920×1080 high-definition 3D or 2D MP4 videos and 5-megapixel still photos w/ two lenses and sensors
  • Exmor CMOS Sensor and LED light on a lightweight body that fits easily into a pocket or purse
  • Digital 4x zoom lens and Auto Focus/Auto Macro (4-inch) to realize close shots
  • Free style shooting/playback w/ auto-image rotation, SteadyShot™ image stabilization, and Face Detection
  • 8GB internal memory allows for 240 minutes of HD video recording
  • Equipped with built-in USB arm and rechargeable battery for quick charging
  • Embedded Bloggie software (Mac/PC compatible) and Share-it-Later feature for easy tagging and content upload to video-sharing websites
  • HDMI output to playback HD content on compatible HDTV

BloggieTM Duo HD Camera – MHS-FS2

Availability in violet, green, pink and white. Availability dates and pricing to be confirmed.

  • Exmor CMOS Sensor allows for 1920×1080 high-definition MP4 videos and 5-megapixel still photos
  • Digital 4x zoom lens and LED light on a lightweight body that slips easily into a pocket or purse
  • SteadyShot™ and Auto Focus/Auto Macro (4-inch) to realize close shots
  • Face Detection and free style shooting/playback w/ auto-image rotation
  • 4GB internal memory allows for 120 minutes of HD video recording
  • Equipped with built-in USB arm and rechargeable battery for quick charging
  • Embedded Bloggie software (Mac/PC compatible) and Share-it-Later feature for easy tagging and content upload to video-sharing websites
  • HDMI output to playback HD content on compatible HDTV
  • Available in four fashionable colors  – violet, green, pink, and white

Press Release

Wonderfully Simple to Shoot and Share: Two New Bloggie™ HD Cameras Featuring 3D and More

(Singapore, 22 February 2011) – Continuing to innovate in the pocket video camera space, Sony South East Asia unveils the new Bloggie™ HD camera models to establish an attractive and affordable lineup. Sony’s Bloggie™ HD cameras include unique features that offer simple high quality MP4 video and still photo shooting, as well as easy web sharing capabilities.

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The line of portable devices now gives a nod to 3D technology, dual screen capabilities and minimalist needs.  With the Bloggie™ Duo and Bloggie™ 3D models, you can capture life’s milestone moments in full high definition 1920×1080 MP4 video and 5-megapixel still photos, but in a whole new way anytime, anyplace.

“Pocket cameras are getting increasingly popular and we wanted to provide consumers with gadgets that are fun and easy-to-use, while still delivering a high quality product for everyday video and photo solutions,” says Mr. Taisuke Nakanishi, Managing Director of Sony South East Asia. “The introduction of the 3D Bloggie™ continues Sony’s innovation in 3D entertainment and adds to the wide range of 3D options and solutions offered by Sony.”

Wonderfully Simple

All of the Sony Bloggie™ HD cameras are slim and stylish, with simple hard key operation – combining hardware, software and seamless integration with social network services for easy, intuitive shooting and sharing.  Across the line, you can find an abundance of features including:

  • Sensitive “Exmor™” CMOS sensor to achieve high resolution video and crisply-detailed still photos with less grain, even in challenging lighting conditions
  • Freestyle shooting & playback to automatically adjust GUI for vertical or horizontal shooting and viewing
  • Dual Record to enable photo capture while shooting video
  • Auto Focus / Auto Macro to allow auto focus capabilities and Auto Macro to focus sharply on objects as close as four inches away
  • 360 Video bundled kit option lets consumers capture everything around them and playback incredible 360-degree footage a quarter at a time on the camera’s LCD
  • “Share it Later” function to tag the clips and pictures you want to post for easy upload next time you’re online
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The Bloggie™ models also have SteadyShot® image stabilization for smoother footage, Face Detection technology to enhance faces by automatically correcting exposure and white balance, a built-in USB arm for easy charging and uploading to a computer, internal memory, built-in rechargeable battery, embedded Bloggie™ software, and HDMI output to enjoy content on your HDTV.

Bloggie™ Roster

Sony’s Bloggie™ brand welcomes two models that each brings distinct value to the category.  The world’s first HD 3D pocket camera[1], the Bloggie™3D (MHS-FS3) is an innovative model with two lenses, two image sensors, stereo microphone and built-in LED light to capture incredible 3D or 2D video and photos.  This content can be played back in 3D without glasses on the camera’s 2.4-inch LCD screen or utilizing 3D glasses on any 3D capable HDTV like Sony’s new BRAVIA KDL-HX820 also announced today.

The portable HD camera lineup also offers a dual-screen option dubbed Bloggie™ Duo (MHS-FS2).  The slim camera features two vibrant LCD screens – 2.7-inch on the back and 2.0-inch on the front under the lens – for fun new ways to capture yourself and others in full HD video or 5.1 megapixel photos.  The Bloggie™ Duo has a built-in LED light and comes in four fashionable colors — violet, green, pink, and white.

Simple Online Sharing

With the included Bloggie™ software for Mac and Windows, it’s never been easier to share videos and photos online. You can even become the next Internet sensation with integrated support for Facebook®, YouTube, Flickr®, and Picasa Web Albums. BRAVIA support will be added later this year, providing even more viewing options.

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Facebook® is a registered trademark of Facebook Inc. Flickr® is a registered trademark of Flickr Inc. YouTube and Picasa Web Albumsare trademarks of Google Inc.


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[1] * MP4 based consumer digital camera capable of recording vertical resolution of 1080 as of Jan. 5, 2011