Macro, Wide Angle and Fisheye Camera Phone Lenses Review

When I first saw these lenses, I was not really interested because I thought the quality will be bad. However, after seeing some samples, I am immediately sold and placed my order.

They may look like toys but I am really impressed by their results. The Fisheye Lens (on the left) can take 180 degree angle picture while the Wide Angle/Macro lens (Right) can take Macro or Wide Angle picture. Each of the lens are sold separately or in a set.

Attaching the Lens

The lens are attached to the camera by magnets. You will be provided with metal rings which you can attached to your camera phones.

Close up of the ring.

The ring attachment comes with double-sided tape. You can use it on any camera phone. For iPhone 4, because it will be blocking the flash, you may need some modification.

Wide Angle/Macro Lens

Close up of the Wide Angle/Macro Lens

For the Wide Angle lens, it has dual functions. Unscrew the wide angle lens, you will get a macro lens. Below is the assembled lens.

If you take out the Wide Angle lens, you will get the Macro lens.

Here is how it looks from the back. Notice that there is a ring magnet on it.

And here is how it looks for the Wide Angle (with lens cap on) as it is being detached from the Macro lens.

Some samples (resized) of the picture taken with and without wide angle lens and Macro lens.

Wide Angle Lens Sample

Notice that the wide angle lens has some vignetting on the corners. They are actually the lens itself. I did not try to take pictures using other camera, so I am not sure if they produce the same results.

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One serious “flaw” that I see using the wide angle lens is the distortion on the outer edge. I guess that is the limit for this lens.

Macro Lens Samples

This is my favorite lens. I used it most often. Some samples are shown below.

I cropped the original picture and you can see below the potential of this little lens (a little OOF (out of focus)).

And I tried to take some video using this tiny lens too. Effect is not so bad.

The only thing that I have to live with it using this lens is that I have to get very close to the subject. That means if your subject is small, you might block the light for you to capture a good image.

Fisheye Lens

Close up of the Fisheye Lens

The lens has a 180 degree angle. Thanks to a stupid mistake (I put both lenses in a pouch, into a washing machine, went through a washing cycle and another session withe the dryer. Both lenses survived), I realized that it can be taken apart. However, please do not do this.

The fisheye lens has 3 lens elements and assembled in this order.

A convex lens

A bracket (not a lens)

Another lens.

The final lens.

Finally, the cap.

This is how it looks after it is assembled.

And the back. It has a magnet ring so that it can be attached to the ring on the lens of your phone camera

Fisheye Lens Samples

And here is a sample of before and after.

Generally, I use this lens for landscape and taking a round table filled with people. I even used it to film people “lou hei” during the Lunar New Year period. The effect is nice.

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I bought the lenses from Photojojo. Both lenses have become very important to me. I take them wherever I go. The cost of the Wide Angle/Macro Lens is USD20 and the Fisheye is at USD25. However, if you purchase both as a set, you pay USD40. As it is bought online, you will need to pay for the shipping. In total, it cost me another additional USD28 dollars for International shipping (USPS Priority Int’l).

Click Here to See the Wide Angle/Macro and Fisheye Lens from Photojojo

Using these lenses while taking pictures has made many of my friends go “Wow” because of the results. I guess the pictures speak for themselves. I do recommend for those who wants to make your mobile phone pictures more interesting and for those who love Macro Photography (without the bulky equipment).