Windows Phone 7 App Morfo Review – Video Within

After looking through many Windows Phone 7 apps, I think Morfo is something that is really different and exciting. With Morfo, you can literally transform a picture (of a person, animal or toys) into a living object.

For this review, I skipped the steps to show you how you can use the Morfo app. Instead, I will show you the end results.

My first subject is my teddy bear. By taking a picture of him, I am able to transform him into a cute looking bear on my phone.

Here is the official video on how to do it.

And here is a screenshot after it is done.

Watch the video of my Teddy Bear.

Next, I use a picture of a drawing taken during my Japan trip. Here is the original.

Here is the before results.

And here is the After results.

Watch how she dance and smile in the video.


Overall, I think that this app is well made and something refreshing from the thousands of apps on Windows Phone 7 Marketplace. Only two issue that I have with this software. It cost S$3.99 which I think is high and I can’t seem to delete those faces that I made.

Click Here to Morfo App website


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