Blogging from Windows Phone 7

This is my first time to blog from WP7 device. It is easy to setup.

I will post this out to the blog first. The rest will be done on the blog itself.
It has media function where you can insert pictures or video to it.

There is no selection for size of picture. So I will need to see the actual post.

Posted from WordPress for Windows Phone

Edited (on Desktop)

After posting the Post, I did a check on the picture and it was set to:

“height: 375px; width: 500px;”

I think I miss out the TAG but just to let you know, you can add tag to the blog post. Overall, I think it is quite nice to see an WordPress app for Windows Phone 7. However, to start, you will need to enable the XML-RPC setting (in Writing) on your blog first.

I guess this app will be good for simple blogging. If you have a lot of things, it is still better to be on your desktop to get your blog post done.

BTW, you can edit comments, add new page, view statistics on it.

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