Carbon for Twitter on Windows Phone is Finally Here (Video)

I have been following Carbon for Windows Phone for the longest time. I have seen them submitting their app and got rejected not once but a few times. Finally, it is here on Windows Phone Marketplace.

I talked about Carbon in November 2011. In their demo, the push notification is really awesome. I can see the notification immediately. The strength about this app is the multiple accounts capability and also the push notification.

However, I have to mention that the push notification is NOT activated yet (for this version 1.1). According to the team, it will be done “very soon”.

We’ve got you covered in Multi Account support, Read Later, Image Upload, Custom URL shortening, Threaded Direct Messages and image & video Previews right in the app.

And, Push Notifications are coming soon, real soon!

Carbon is now on Marketplace without Trial option. It will soon be updated to include trial option. At this moment, you can get it at US$1.99 (or S$2.99). BTW, with this version 1.1, you can actually see the pictures in the timeline. There is no need to click the link to view them. Awesome.

Click Here to Get Carbon on Marketplace

or you can watch this video on a review of Carbon (not sure about the version)