Who is on EstateBuzz?

EstateBuzz is new. It is in Beta. Who is on it? It is a sharing portal where neighbors can share things or information. It will be officially launched in February. Right now, it seems like a ghost town.

Apparently, there are a few things that you could do in EstateBuzz.

  1. Register!
    • You will see the neighbours living in the same block as you the moment you complete registration.
  2. Borrow
    • In the Block view, you’d be able to borrow things that your neighbours have posted to lend out. You can also post something to lend to your neighbours.
  3. Buy For You
    • Are you travelling or do you have special access to discounts on products and services? Ask your neighbours if you can buy anything for them.
  4. Trade on Marketplace
    • List something to sell at the Marketplace. This will be frequented by your neighbours living in the same estate. Need to get something but don’t need it brand new? Buy from your neighbours at the marketplace!
    • Discuss Estate Matters
  5. Discuss matters that are important to your estate in the Forum.
  6. Find Activity Partners
    • Find an activity partner in the things that you are interest in. These are the people who live near you so it’s very easy to get together!
  7. Create a Group
    • Are you part of an organization that has the estate as the primary target market? Create a group and attract members.
  8. Contribute to Estate Info!
    • Post an interesting fact about your estate under “Info”.

Click Here to EstateBuzz Now

According to TODAYonline, this website is founded and self funded by Entrepreneurs. There are plans to expand the website.

The beta version of the website has been up-and-running since Nov 30. When Estatebuzz launches officially in February, it plans to add features such as advertising and an online payment system for buying wholesale items from retailers and wholesalers.

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