Foursquare Now with Photos and Comments

Foursquare has rolled out improvements. For iPhone users, you can download the shiny new Foursquare from App Store. It comes with new Photo and Comment functions.

From Foursquare blog, some partners are already (or have integrated) the new functions to their apps.

A few of our partners have done an amazing job getting the new photos feature integrated for today. Photos from Instagram pushed to foursquare will now be check-ins with photos (rather than just check-ins). Sightings on Foodspotting will be check-ins with your food photos. And picplz is the first service to allow check-in photos on both iPhone and Android.

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BTW, Android users will get the updated version this week. WebOS and Blackberry users will get it in January 2011 and the rest of the platforms in early 2011. Too bad, Windows Phone 7 users will have to wait (as usual).

I think these two features are great. Many times, after you checked in a place, you would like to show some pictures of it or make comments on your friends’ check in. It is possible now.