Oakley TRON: Legacy Film Edition 3D Eyewear Makes Debut

Oakley is going to debut its 3D eyewear. The special edition optically corrected 3D eyewear will celebrate the release of TRON: Legacy during their opening in US on the 17th December 2010.

However, if you think you can wear the Oakley 3D eyewear, you will be disappointed. In their website, it clearly states that the eyewear is for indoor usage and NOT to be used as sunglasses.

The pricing of this 3D eyewear is US$150 that comes with a micro bag for easy storage and cleaning. The technology used is as follows: –

To engineer Oakley 3D eyewear, Oakley combined its industry-leading frame innovations with lens technologies that maximize the 3D experience by offering unprecedented levels of clarity and visual fidelity. “TRON” Limited Edition 3D Gascan features HDO-3D™, a collection of proprietary lens innovations that have achieved the first optically correct 3D eyewear on Earth.* Oakley 3D lenses virtually eliminate the ghosting or “crosstalk” between images that reach each eye from one moment to the next, a potential problem with inferior 3D eyewear.

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