Evening of Revelry & Entertainment with Dell Event

Here is an unforgettable event by Dell. We were invited to an evening of revelry and entertainment at a service apartment along Scotts Road.

It was a regional event. Media from neighborhood countries were also present. The concept of the event was interesting. The various rooms in the apartment has a theme. We have the Dad’s room, daughter’s room, son’s room and the kitchen for the mom. Plus the dining hall was transformed to a gaming area. The living room’s TV is linked to the XPS laptop and everyone can watch movies on the big screen.

The event started with Ms Dolly Chin giving us an overview of Dell. As you can see, the presentation were wirelessly transmitted to the screen via a XPS laptop.

Next, we have MR. Chips Pang to provide us an in-depth presentation on Dell home solutions. I did not even know that Dell has such service. From my talk with Chips later, I realized that Dell can provide home users solution to complicated wireless links between devices at home.

After the presentation, we were given the go-ahead to roam the apartment. First stop is to Daddy Dennis’s Study Room. It has a touch screen desktop.

Notice that he is so busy that her wife Bree is calling his Dell Venue Pro WP7 device from the kitchen.

Here is another view of him on the desktop. I personally tried the desktop, it is quite intuitive. However, you need to get some getting use to as it does not have a keyboard.

After the day’s hardware, Dad’s in bed with the Dell XPS laptop.

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On his hand is his Dell Venue Pro.

If you like to see more about Dell Venue Pro, you can click here. Here is another pic of the XPS laptop.

Next, we proceeded to the daughter Bernadette’s room. She is portrait as a “belle” in the family with has an appetite for fashion and online shopping.

She is working hard on her Dell Inspiron. And on her desk, she has another one. I think this family is super rich 🙂 .

Moving on, we went to the game room where the son Michael is.

He totally ignored us as he is busy playing on the Alienware M11x. BTW, Alienware M11x has already been boosted with Core processors. Nice!

And if you think that is good enough, he has an Alienware desktop on the table.

The keyboard is awesome.

The Alienware chassis can be taken out easily as it has no screws.

In it, Dell has customized it with cooling system.

The best thing is that even the hard disk slot has no screws. It is done using some spring snap on mechanism.

Next, we went to the kitchen to meet Mum Bree.

She is holding on to the Dell Venue Pro that she use to call her husband Dennis. Oh yes, she prepared nice cupcakes for us.

There were Dell’s people to help us to explain more on the Dell Venue Pro as it is the first Windows Phone 7 device from Dell.

And if you think that is already enough, wait till you see their maids in maid costume.

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She is one of the three who has been serving us with beer and drinks all night.

Of course, there are also special appearance like the Dell Streak Android Tablet with 5-inch screen. Nicole is helping with the demo of how to receive call from it.

You can take a look at the Dell Streak here (taken during my IFA 2010 trip). There was no mention of when Dell Streak will hit Singapore’s stores.

And in the house, there are always special guest (like Hisham) who is so comfortable lying on the bed with the Dell XPS Laptop.

Of course, the event ended with a happy Dell family.

Hope you enjoy my coverage.