LG Optimus 7 Review: People, Pictures, Music, Video – Video Within

Have played with the LG Optimus 7 for almost a week. It is like being a baby again. Learning how to walk and adapt to the new environment. Nevertheless, I must say that it is a good experience.

First Impression

The LG Optimus 7 has a standard Windows Phone 7 OS. However, I think LG excels by giving out free apps. Although free, they are of high standard. I have checked and found that these apps are available on the phone LG store and NOT on Marketplace.

The experience on Windows Phone 7 is a mix. I enjoyed the feeling of not worrying about apps being opened and taking out memory space (due to NO multi-tasking) but sometimes, I do hope that they can perform multi-task.

However, do note that multitasking can still be done if it is part of the Windows Phone 7 OS. For example, background music can still be played while you browse other website. And the Internet Explorer still open the pages that you previously left.

I do hope that when Microsoft introduces multi-task later, they can sort out the complexity about it. It is not easy.

People Hub

You will need some getting used to People Hub. It is cleverly integrated into your social verse. It will be a pain (or useless) if you are not using any social network. Imagine there are no Facebook, Windows Live linked to your contact list. You will get a blank page on What’s New on the People Hub.

So, to enjoy People Hub, it is good to be socially integrated with your friends via the popular social media.

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A walkthrough on the Tile Menu and  People Hub

Picture Hub

There is a reason why Microsoft call it a Hub. It is no longer YOUR pictures on the Pictures Hub. You get to see your friends’ pictures, your Facebook or Windows Live pictures on it too! If the connection speed is fast, it will be a nice experience.

Overall, I love the way it works. A video on Picture Hub.

Music & Video Hub

This is actually a Zune Player. According to Microsoft during the Windows Phone 7 launch, Singapore will not get Zune services. However, WP7 users can still use it to store videos, music, podcast or listen to the radio.

Someone asked me about the headset. It is a simple but nice one. No controls on it except the button to end call.

And here is the radio with the headset (antenna).

I did a video on the Music & Video Hub. Take a look.

BTW, all the videos are done like 4 or 5am in the morning. I sounded like no energy because I don’t want to disturb others. I will do more review on other hubs later.

If you have questions on Windows Phone 7 device or LG Optimus 7, shoot. I will try to answer every one of them.