Apple Mac Event – iLife, FaceTime, OS X Lion, New MacBook Air

I think I have summarized the Apple “Back to the Mac” event highlights that happened today (a few hours ago). Upgraded old stuff iLife and MacBook Air and introduces new stuff like OS X Lion and FaceTime on Mac.

First topic, the upgrade of iLife to iLife’11.

What is the enhancements? The event talks a lot on the enhancement. I will skip those. If you want, you can click here to Engadget for them.

There are introduction of the new iPhoto, slide themes and etc. And the new iMovie’11. I like it a lot.

Next, the GarageBand. In my opinion, this is a great software.

So, what new on GarageBand’11?

I think the piano lessons are amazing.

When can you get iLife’11?

How much?It will be free with every new Mac and US$49 to upgrade. For Singapore, the iLife upgrade is S$78.

Next, Steve introduced FaceTime to Mac. It will be in Beta. He did a call out to an iPhone 4 to prove that Mac and iPhone calling is possible.

And yes, it is beta released today.

Next topic is on OS X. Today, he introduced OS X Lion.

Here are the past names of the OS X. Interesting.

I love the way Steve does his presentation. To me, it seems like a math equation. Here is why.

He talks about iPad. He highlighted iPad strong points. He then talked about iPad merging into OS X Lion and finally, the features on OS X Lion. Nice.

So, how did Apple do it? Introducing Mission Control (sounds like a game).

Basically, it overlays over the OS X Lion and make it like an iPad screen.

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You can even display folders that you have seen in iPhone or iPad.

BTW, he stressed that touching the screen vertically is not good as it will make the hand tired and in order to make OS X Lion a nice experience, he suggested using the external multi-touch trackpad.

I guess the sales of this item is definitely going to rocket. So, when will OS X Lion be available?

Finally, the last topic he touches on is MacBook Air. We have been seeing leaks on the internal of the MacBook Air and the leaks are true!

He introduces the new 13.3 inch MacBook Air.

The dimension of MacBook Air.

The internal of MacBook Air.

No hard disk, no optical drive (I wonder why he put this as an feature). The battery life is good.

But that is not all. He introduces its brother, MacBook Air with 11.6-inch screen.

The features on the 11.6-inch MacBook Air

And the battery life.

And finally the pricing and availability.

I went to Apple Singapore store to take a look. Yes, they are there already.

For the 11.6-inch MacBook Air, S$1,488 for the 64GB and S$1,788 for the 128 GB.

For the 13.3-inch MacBook Air, S$1,948 for the 128GB and S$2,388 for the 256GB.

That is it. Thanks to Engadget for again, another great coverage.

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