Panasonic Asia Bloggers Breakfast with 3D Products

It was an overcast Saturday morning. I was invited to Panasonic Asia Bloggers breakfast event at , Brotziet, 313 Somerset. It was a casual get together with other bloggers (about 20 lifestyle and tech bloggers).

The idea of the meetup is to get feedback on Panasonic 3D products, get to know one another and provide us information on the ongoing Panasonic 3D Challenge.

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The winner gets to win a 50-inch Plasma 3D TV, a 3D Blu-Ray Player and 3D eyewear.

If you are wondering how the 3D Plasma TV looks like, here it is.

I am particularly interested in the eyewear. One of the reason is that most 3D eyewear might be nice to wear but it is difficult for people with glasses to fit properly.

Panasonic eyewear has an advantage over its clearance area at the eye area.

The above model is using button batteries that has a battery life of 100 hours. 3 sizes (Large, Medium, Small) for different people.

According to Mexx, General Manager, Panasonic Marketing Asia Pacific, the eyewear are being improved and future eyewear will have rechargeable via USB capability.

I find that the eyewear are comfortable and as I mentioned, for those with spectacles (not those large ones), it can still fit nicely. Here is Aaron helping to demonstrate.

In order to let us experience the 3D effect, they played Ice Age 3 with the Blu-Ray player. The 3D effect is good and comparable with other brands. However, I think Panasonic should quickly release LED models as other big players are already hot into it.

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I am glad that Panasonic listens to customers’ feedback. I talked to Mexx for a while and it seems that Panasonic is engaging customers in many ways.

I think gathering the bloggers in different niche to get feedback is one good way. We cannot represent all consumers. At least we voice out what many (if not most) consumers wanted. If you want to get connected, you can join Panasonic on Facebook to voice your opinion too.

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