Panasonic Lumix Phone Coming Soon?

Today, I was talking to Hisham at Panasonic event and he told me that there might be a Panasonic Lumix Phone. Now, I realized that the news was at Mashable and I did not notice it.

Not much information though. It states new information will come on 5th October 2010. Never expect Panasonic to come up a phone with the Lumix branding.

On their website, they do have some information but is Japanese.

Anyone can volunteer to translate?

It mentions Mobile VenusEngine. I checked on Akihabaranews, it has more information about the phone and it mentions that it will appear at CEATEC 2010 next week.

According to Panasonic, this Lumix Branded phone will comes with Panasonic Mobile VenusEngine, will come with a Digital Zoom, offer 13Mpix resolution pictures output (1536×2048), will feature Panasonic Jump Picture technology allowing you to quickly share photos with Friends, DLNA and Wi-Fi.

Click Here to Panasonic Lumix Phone website


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