Onkyo Introduces 3 Windows 7 Tablets

Onkyo, not known to produce computers, has introduced 3 Windows 7 tablets and it is slated to be available in Japan from next month.

The 3 models has little difference between them. Akihabaranews has posted the specs (in Japanese) on their website. Here are their specs.

Remember to click on picture to see enlarge verison.

If you are really interested, you can click on the link below to Onkyo website (translated).

Click Here to Onkyo website

Here are some excerpt from Akihabaranews.

Schedule to be ship next month in Japan, these tablets, avaible with either a 11.6” Wide touchscreen panel with a 1366×768 resolution or a 10.1” Wide touchscreen panel will comes with 1GB of RAM, either 32GB of SSD or 160GB of HDD and the choice between an Atom N450 or Z530.


  • TW317A5: 11.6-inch, 32GB SSD
  • TW217A5: 10.1-inch, 32GB SSD
  • TW117A4:  10.1-inch, 160GB HDD

Will you buy?

Click Here to Akihabaranews website


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