Samsung Introduces New Mirrorless Camera NX100 to Singapore

I guess many have already know that Samsung has officially announced NX100 at Photokina. The Samsung NX100 (with standard 20-50mm kit lens) is now available at the Samsung Flagship Store and selected consumer electronics retail stores island-wide with a recommended retail price of S$949. The NX100 is currently available in white, black or brown.

Samsung Breaks New Ground with Pioneering NX100 Targeting Industry Leadership

New mirrorless camera incorporates unique new i-Function lens to give beginners and expert photographers seamless control and creativity


SINGAPORE – September 24, 2010 – Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., a market leader and award-winning innovator in consumer electronics, today officially launched the unique Samsung NX100 which was recently featured at Photokina 2010. The innovative mirrorless camera comes equipped with the world’s first i-Function lens which gives photographers a completely new way of controlling the camera to capture the perfect picture. The launch of the NX100 follows the success of the NX10, Samsung’s first mirrorless camera and the first in the world to feature an APS-C size sensor.

The NX100 shares the industry leading technology of NX10, such as an APS-C size sensor for quality images and a 3-inch AMOLED screen for easy and clear viewing. With the NX100, Samsung takes the mirrorless camera to the next level by incorporating the innovations of the NX10 and improving on other areas of the camera’s performance and design. The NX100 also features the intuitive i-Function lens which allows users to control their camera through the lens for the first time. The NX100 also boasts one of the fastest AF on the market today, which ensures that users never miss a moment, and an ISO that is raised to a maximum of 6400 for action shots.

“The launch of the NX100 will help to extend our portfolio and maintain the growth momentum we have achieved. Representing another key milestone for us, Samsung’s i-Function Lens is an example of our unparalleled innovation which will appeal to every photographer, and we are confident it will propel our growth and market share in the camera segment,” said Mr. Moon Sung Hyun, Managing Director, Samsung Asia.

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Lightweight Modern Design

Infused with a slim, sleek and stylish design, the design of the NX100 is inspired by the simple shape of dew forming on a leaf, which can be seen on the camera’s shutter button and curved body, which currently comes in three different colors; black, white and brown. The lightweight, compact and modern design makes the camera extremely portable, allowing users with a creative flair to carry the NX100 with them anywhere and for any occasion.

World’s First i-Function Lens

While conventional lenses were passive in controlling camera settings, the unique i-Function Lens is a proactive lens that communicates with the camera body. It delivers total image control with fast manual settings to ensure quick and easy image capturing, and also provides customized settings optimized for the lens being used. The lens incorporates a conveniently located i-Function button which allows users to scroll through manual settings, and a focus ring which is used to easily change parameters for each setting. This unprecedented control system is clever, intuitive and fast, meaning the perfect picture is now at everyone’s fingertips.

Because a typical camera user wraps their hand around the lens when holding the camera, the new system means that photographers can naturally use their left hand to change settings through the intuitive i-Function lens without the need to take the cameras off the target. Users can toggle between shutter speed, aperture, EV, WB, and ISO quickly and easily by simply using the i-Function button and ring on the lens, meaning easier and quicker configuration while shooting.

Perfect Shot with Lens Priority Mode

The NX100 also has a lens priority mode which makes switching between lenses to guarantee the perfect shot. Firstly, each lens is clearly marked with icons that illustrate their main usages, so beginners can quickly understand which lens they need to select for any given scene. The lens priority mode provides scene options optimized for the lens being used – for example, when a landscape lens is attached, the camera will immediately display the landscape mode. Also, when users change to a specialized lens, the camera would recognize the lens type and automatically configure the settings that would best match with the attached lens. This latter feature would work with specialized Samsung lenses in the future.

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Creative Features and High-Quality Formats

The NX100’s innovations aren’t confined to the lens – the camera also provides an innovative feature called ‘Smart Filter’. In playback mode, users can apply seven different effects to the picture, such as the vignette, soft focus, fish-eye or miniature effects. The ‘Smart Filter’ provides not just high quality images, but also features that are fun to use.

The fun doesn’t stop with the still image options – the NX100 supports HD movie recording at 720P, so that memories can stay alive in its finest details. The NX100 also contains a ‘Sound Picture’ mode that can record audio when a photo is taken that enriches the experience. To ensure each image is perfect quality, even when lenses are being regularly changed, the NX100 also features a supersonic dust reduction feature to remove any foreign particles from the lens before shooting.

Full Range of NX Accessories and Lens

The NX100 will be equipped with a range of innovative lenses and accessories to further enhance the user’s experience. At launch the lens line-up includes a compact zoom 20-50mm lens to provide both high image quality and portability. A small and light 20mm wide angle Pancake lens will be introduced shortly after. Two additional specialized lenses will be available in the first half of 2011 – a 60mm Macro lens and 18-200mm Super Zoom lens. To expand the lens line-up even further, three more lenses will be introduced by the second half of 2011, including 16mm, 85mm, and 16-80mm lenses. The NX system will be further enhanced with more accessories, including an Electronic Viewfinder, Flash and GPS tracker to capture your exact geographical location.

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Price and Availability

The Samsung NX100 (with standard 20-50mm kit lens) is now available at the Samsung Flagship Store and selected consumer electronics retail stores island-wide with a recommended retail price of S$949. The NX100 is currently available in white, black or brown.


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