Get Your Apple iPhone 12 with Zero Dollar Upfront

If you want the latest Apple iPhone 12 with zero dollar upfront and don’t feel like recontracting with Telcos, Circles.Life has the right plan for you.

BTW, you have to pardon many tech sites for sharing so many iPhone 12 news. This period is the iPhone 12’s season. Please bear with it.

However, if you are interested in the iPhone 12 series or the iPhone 12 Pro series, you have a lot of choices or information.

Circles.Life has an interesting iPhone 12 Combo Plan that lets you pay the iPhone 12 with an installment plan (or buying it upfront) at the comfort of your home.

Circles.Life is offering doorstep delivery to customers who pre-book their new iPhone via the Circles.Life website. Check out the plan below.

Circles.Life is saying that you can save up to S$317 if you buy the iPhone 12 from them. They have some calculations to justify this claim. If you are interested, click on the LINK to find out.

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