HP Slate Prototype Showed Up Running Windows 7 – Video Within

When I saw this post at Engadget, I was thinking that this HP Slate could be an iPad killer. After watching the video, I rather that they don’t leak this video at all. The HP Slate prototype obviously is not ready to be shown.

This HP Slate started off quite nicely. The rubbery back with design looks nice. The integration of front and back camera is good. The button to call out the keyboard is a nice touch.

Then it moves on to show the Ctrl Alt Del hard buttons. Some comments I saw on Engadget mentioned that this HP Slate should be made for the Corporate or Enterprise as only those on Domain need the Ctrl+Alt+Del log in. Then, I remembered  a blog post that I did a while ago that HP already mentioned that they will make tablet in WebOS for the mass, Windows 7 Tablet for the Enterprise.

From the video, it seems that the HP Slate prototype is not ready as the person has a hard time to use his finger to scroll the browser. My thinking is that you will need a good UI (User Interface) to make full use of the Windows 7. ExoPC has done a good job on it. Or make it with a dual boot like Viewsonic ViewPad (the 10-inch version). HP can do a WebOS plus Windows 7 if they want.

Enough of my rambling, here is the video.


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