Meizu M9II Surfaced and Looks More Like iPhone 4 iPod Touch Remixed

Meizu CEO Jack Wong has apparently (again) showed off its latest hardware. This round, he called it M9II even though M9 has not hit the market. Nevertheless, his actions will again invite a lot of people crying foul that he is copying iPhone design.

Here is another picture of it.

It is supposed to run on Android 2.2 (customized) with  A9 Cortex processor, has a front and back camera. The back camera (or main camera) carries a flash too. It has a large 4-inch display.

I must admit it does look like iPhone 4 at first glance. However, recently, all (almost) smartphones will look like this. Lets take a look at Meizu M9II, iPhone 4 and Samsung Galaxy S side-by-side. Do note that it is not scale properly.

What do you think? Or is there another other phone that resembles the iPhone 4?


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