Apple Fall Event Summary, What is New, What has Changed

The Apple is finally over. iOS 4.0 will be upgraded to 4.1. Sneak preview on 4.2 for iPad. New iPods were announced (expected). iTunes 10 got a new logo and become sociable with iTunes Ping. Apple TV turned into a small box with cheaper price and more functions.

The first thing that Steve Jobs announced is iOS 4.1. Currently, latest iOS is 4.0.2. So, what’s new?

You will get bugs fixed, HDR (High Dynamic Range) photo function, HD video upload over WiFi, TV Show rentals and finally Game Center.

Here is a taste of HDR.

Next, he talked about Game Center, showing some Multi-player games and etc.

After that, Mike Capps from Epic games demonstrated a new game call “Project Sword” (RPG Game).

Finally, he announced that iOS 4.1 will be available for download next week, for iPhone and iPod Touch!

Moving on, he showed a sneak preview of iOS 4.2 which he mentioned is for iPad (of course, I think he meant the enhancement is more for iPad).

He introduced AirPlay that does wireless printing via iPad. The few pictures below speak for themselves.

He explained the term Airplay was actually part of AirTunes. However, it seems that Airplay is more appropriate now given that not only it deliver tunes via wireless, it also stream, video, audio and photos over WiFi.

iOS 4.2 will be available in November.

Next, the highlight of the event. Three new iPods were announced. They are iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano and iPod Touch.

iPod Shuffle

It is selling for US$49 (SG$78) for the 2 GB version.

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Next, iPod Nano.

iPod Nano

It does not has any wheel on it now. Instead, it comes with a multi-touch screen.

Comes in many colors.

And has nice UI, in my opinion.

The new iPod Nano sells for US$149 (SG$228) in 8GB, and US$179 (SG$278) in the 16GB version.

Next, the iPod Touch.

iPod Touch

It is slimmer now. Has a front VGA camera and a rear 3 MegaPixel camera. Of course, iPhone CPU (A4 Chip), Retina Display (RD) and 3-Axis gyro.

BTW, the iPhone 4 finally has a companion for FaceTime. The latest iPod Touch can do FaceTime with iphone 4.

The iPod Touch comes in 3 configurations, 8 GB (SG$328), 32 GB (SG$428) and 64 GB (SG$588)

And to end the iPod session, all three are available for pre-order today and will be available next week.

Moving on, iTunes will be upgraded to iTunes 10.

iTunes 10

Some stats on iTunes.

Apart from some face-lifts, it has a major change. It has social networking integrated into it. Think of it as Twitter and Facebook meet iTunes and it is all about Music.

BTW, iTunes logo has been changed to get rid of the CD image on it.

Back to iTunes. With iTunes 10, it introduces Ping.

It is a social network for music. Below is the picture that shows the list of activities on Ping.

To top it off, you can find iTunes Ping on iTunes 10 and also on Apple App Store and it is available today.

Finally, their last item on the agenda is Apple TV. In Singapore, we are not interested in it (yet). Anyway, a summary of Apple TV.

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Apple TV

It has shrunk down to a mini size. Some pictures on the Apple TV.

And here is the remote control.

It will not store anything. Everything is on rental (TV shows, movies and etc).

The pricing are quite reasonable.

Apple has partnered with some major companies to provide the content.

As mentioned earlier, iPad will have AirPlay. With AirPlay, iPad can push movies, pictures and etc to the Apple TV.

And the cost of this Apple TV has gone down from US$299 to US$99. It will be available in 4 weeks time and pre-order starts today.

That is it! BTW, the Apple Store has been updated with all the new stuffs. Note that for Singapore site, there will be NO Apple TV.

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Click Here to Apple Store Now (Singapore site)