Toshiba SmartPad May Debut Soon with Pictures Shown

Has the tablet war started? Recently (and more to come), we are being flooded with news of Tablet and comparison with iPad. Now, Toshiba seems ready to show off its version of tablet, Smart Pad. There are no specs that comes along with pictures. Nevertheless, it is nice to see something other than the iPad.

According to Engadget (and I agree), the buttons on the right seems to direct the OS to Android. It greatly resembles the Compal tablet that was shown at CES 2010 in January. Anyway, some more pics of this SmartPad.

Based on the sources and what we have seen, it should have:-

  • HDMI port
  • USB port
  • Mini-USB port
  • Card slot (looks like SD card, wonder if it supports SDXC or not)
  • Nvidia Tegra2 chip?

Looking forward to seeing it being released. Before that, you can take a look at this video of Compal tablet shown in CES 2010. Looks similar right?


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