Is This Trailer to a Twitter Movie, I Doubt So – Video Within

While reading through the tweets of friends, I found this Trailer. It is a (parody) trailer to a movie that is supposed to be called “The Twit Network”.

I think it is quite interesting, based on the short trailer. I hope that it could be made into a Youtube movie or something.  Here is the trailer.

I love the song. You can download it by following the below link.

Click Here to Download Gregory Brothers “I can Tweet” song

If you remembered, there is a project ongoing by Tan Siok Siok on a documentary style movie on Twitter called Twittamentary. I certainly hope that the project is going well although not much has been heard about it since end of last year. Hope to see the movie on how Twitter has changed peoples’ lives.

I remembered when I started Twitter, Singaporeans are lukewarm on it. Many of my friends asked me what I can do with 140 characters. Over the years, it seems that everyone is embracing onto it. I have a lot more Singaporean friends on Twitter. Singaporean celebrities also start to tweet too!

Now, Twitter seems something indispensable. People has learned to write within the 140 character limits and services start to emerge to allow you to write more than 140 character. So much has changed since the day Twitter started.

So, how has Twitter changed your lifestyle?

For me, I started to update how I felt on Twitter when I see something happen.  I started to ask questions on Twitter as I believe I could get a fast response. I relied on Twitter to see where my friends are, how are their days at work, school, holidays and etc. I begin to think that I know a person even though I have not met him/her as he/she tweets about her daily life.

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Share with me how Twitter has really impacted you in your life. It will be interesting. 🙂

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