Twitter Phishing via Direct Message Ongoing, Careful on What You Click

I may be a bit slow on this already (since Mashable had reported this about 9 hours ago). Apparently, a phishing attack is on going at Twitter via Direct Message. So, before you click on any link on your DMs, read this.

So, how can you spot the phishing attack?

The attack will carry message like the one below.

“lol, is this you”

linking to a site called “bzpharma”, do not click the link.

According to Mashable,

Users who do click that link and enter their details are inadvertently letting spammers take over their accounts, which are then used to spam the same Direct Message to all their friends.

So, if you receive this messages, ignore them. If you are sending them out, you are already compromised. Change your password immediately.

This seems to be similar to those MSN Live Messenger attack. Anyway, I hope that I am not too late on this.


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