Singtel iPhone 4 Launch At Marina Bay Sands – Video Within

Finally, Singapore joined other countries in the World to have the Apple iPhone 4. Singtel has managed to make the collection of iPhone 4 as fun and easy as possible. Watch me demonstrating the “Death Grip” on the iPhone 4. Can Singtel signal survive it?

To cut short all the waiting, the picture above is the first 10 person in Singapore to get the iPhone 4. Yes, there is a queue and the earliest one that was queuing for the phone starts from 8am. Instead of the usual “first in the line” to get the iPhone, Singtel invited the first ten on stage, with all the air-conditioning and entertainment, to get this much anticipated iPhone 4.

He is the first of the ten to get iPhone 4. Later I realized that they were lined up randomly. Nevertheless, here is another shot of them, beaming with pride while holding the iPhone 4.

Now, let me rewind to show you how the people enjoyed the wait for Singtel iPhone 4.

Singtel has done itself proud by choosing a single avenue for this iPhone 4 launch. The place is air conditioned and very spacious.

Singtel has invited VIPs and Media to this launch. There is even a special queue for them.

For customer who managed to get a reservation of the time slot for iPhone 4, they will need to go through a verification process. Once done, they will get a goodies bag and can wonder around the hall that showcased many of the iPhone games and are selling iPhone 4 accessories.

Customers at the accessories counter.

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Customers can choose to play those games

or just wait patiently for the launch.

or you can have fun taking pictures with some of the giant showcase.

Here are some pics of Glenn Ong (our compere for the evening) with Singtel’s Executives.

We were treated with live band and songs.

And in one of the performance, she uses the iPhone to play with the music of Lady Gaga.

And Singtel has put up a super big countdown display to remind everyone on the launch time.

She is the only one helping out with the handing of the iPhone 4 to the 10 lucky people.

Before the launch, Glenn Ong and Randall Tan went on stage to play some games and warm everyone up for the Launch.

The time has come. Singtel’s top executives were invited on  stage to do the countdown.

Finally, at the strike of 12mn (30th July 2010), the iPhone 4 was unveiled.

There was a little bit of confusion when the giant iPhone 4 revealed itself. Some pyrotechnics were let go.

All 80 counters were lighted up and the queue numbers started appearing on the TV screen.

A happy Singtel customer at the counter.

And the rest waited.

Some of the counters.

And the demo sets of the iPhone 4 started to appear around the giant booth.

While the queuing was going on, some bloggers “discovered” some interesting thing. There is a 64GB iPhone 4!!

It was actually the giant display during the launch. I wonder why they would want to show a model that do not exist. BTW, there is no WHITE iPhone 4 around.

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and before I go, I decided to perform the death grip to see if Singapore suffers the Antennagate issue that others has suffered. Watch this video.

True enough, the signal bar dropped from full signal strength to 2 bar. I have to grip tightly around the gap of the iPhone 4 and waited around 1 minute to see this effect. I do not think this will affect many people. Of course, we shall see the “results” these few weeks.

And finally, I was glad to be invited to this event. I was even happier to know that one of the official Singtel Photographer, Wilson, is a reader of my blog. We have some fun shooting the event together.