Battizer Charger Charge Alkaline Batteries, Save Money and Environment

Battizer is a revolutionary product that could charge AA and AAA zinc carbon, alkaline, NiMh and NiCD batteries. This, if I am not wrong, a Singapore product. And I love the way the company is helping the environment by collecting used Alkaline batteries and recharging them.

Currently, the Battizer is available online with free shipping for S$97. Or you can go to this place to buy it.

Bliss Computer Trading Pte Ltd
1, Rochor Canal Road
#04-02D Sim Lim Square
Singapore 188504

Here is a comparison on Battizer and other charger.

Here are the features of the Battizer.

What’s included in the box

  • Battizer Alkaline Battery Charger
  • AC power cable Type C plug (Europlug)
  • 4 pieces of AA size Battizer Super Alkaline Battery
  • User manual CD


  • Charges AA and AAA zinc carbon, zinc chloride (Heavy Duty), alkaline, NiMh and NiCD batteries.
  • Built-in technologically advanced microprocessor chip – monitors and controls the battery charging process.
  • LED indicators monitor charging status – blinking green for charging & steady green for full charge*.
  • Does not heat up nor overcharge batteries.
  • Charges efficiently – 1 hour for alkaline batteries, 15 minutes for zinc carbon batteries.
  • Charges effectively – capacity of recharged batteries normally exceed original manufacturer’s capacity.
  • Zinc carbon batteries may be charged up to 5 times or more.
  • Alkaline batteries may be charged up to 10 times or more.

*LED indicators do not monitor NiMH and NiCD batteries. NiMH and NiCD batteries are fully charged after one hour.

Easy to use:

  • Handy and compact design for easy storage
  • Plugs into household outlets
  • Universal voltage: 100-240V
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  • Do not charge leaking batteries. Chemicals from leaking batteries will damage the charger.
  • To achieve highest charging capacity, recharge drained batteries immediately.
  • Do not recharge discharged batteries that have been stored for a long time.
  • Recommended for use with Battizer Super Alkaline Battery.
  • Dispose of spent batteries responsibly.

Click Here to Battizer Official Website