Sony Introduces CP-A2LS, CP-ELS USB Chargers and Cycle Energy Battery

Sony introduces 3 products today. 2 of them are chargers (CP-A2LS and CP-ELS) with different capacity and the other one is a rechargeable battery (Cycle Energy Multi-Use Premium) in AA (2500mAh) and AAA (900mAh) size. More information after the break.

Stay Charged Anytime, Anywhere with

New Power Solutions from Sony

New lithium-ion USB chargers support smartphone users with instant power on-the-go

(SINGAPORE, 1 September 2011) – With portable electronics becoming an increasingly important part of people’s lives, Sony is making it convenient to keep them charged with the launch of 2 new USB chargers (CP-A2LS and CP-ELS). On a plane or at the beach, even the busiest smartphone users, photographers and portable gamers will always have a fresh reserve of power to keep their devices running all day long.

High Power, Supremely Convenient

The CP-A2LS is the perfect portable charger for today’s smartphone lovers. Possessing a high battery capacity of 4,000mAh, the CP-A2LS has plenty of power for today’s smartphones, as well as digital cameras, camcorders and music players. With dual USB output ports, it can charge up to 2 devices at the same time. In addition, the built-in USB authentication software ensures compatibility with most USB devices, while its four LED indicator lights conveniently display the charger’s remaining battery capacity. When it is time to recharge, simply plug it into the detachable AC input module for quick charging. As an added convenience, a micro-USB cable for smartphones is also included.

 The compact CP-ELS with a battery capacity of 2,000mAh provides enough juice to recharge any modern smartphone on-the-go, equipping users with a source of instant power in their hands for their USB chargeable portable devices. With a high USB output of maximum 5V, 1.0A, users can be assured of quick charging of their smartphones while recharging the CP-ELS is as simple as plugging it into a computer’s USB port. A micro-USB cable for smartphones is also included for added convenience.

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“The latest series of on-the-go power solutions from Sony demonstrates how we constantly aim to innovate in ways that bring real value to our customers,” said Mr. Takemura Takayuki, Deputy Director, Recording Media & Energy Centre, Sony Electronics Asia Pacific. “Smartphones, mp3 players, gaming devices, cameras and camcorders are playing increasingly important roles in our lives, connecting us with each other in ways no one could have imagined. Today it can be a huge inconvenience when these devices run out of power, but with the CP-A2LS and CP-ELS, our customers will always have a healthy supply of power for all their portable devices.”

Huge Capacity, Excellent Versatility

In addition, music fans, photographers, and gamers will appreciate the huge capacity of Sony’s new ready-to-use Cycle Energy Multi-Use Premium 2500 AA and Premium 900 AAA rechargeable batteries. With 2,500mAh (AA size) and 900mAh (AAA size), these batteries last 3.5 times as long as alkaline batteries in high battery-draining devices, and will hold their charge for up to one year. Unlike other rechargeable batteries, the batteries come pre-charged, ready for use straight out of the package.

All three products will be available in early November 2011.


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